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Is your puppy growling at you? If so stop now. It usually gets worse.

■Does your dog have food aggression?

■Barking excessively?

■Is your dog pulling on leash?

■Is your dog social with other dogs?

■Is your dog jumping at you or People?

■Is your dog timid?

■Is your dog afraid of people?

■Is your dog afraid of other dogs?

■Can your dog be trained?

We won’t simply teach your dog “tricks”, but by using hand signals he will teach your dog skills like “down”, “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “roll over”, “paw”, “speak”, and “play dead”. Then he will teach you those commands so that you will be in charge of your dog. You will experience the thrill of your life the first time you use those hand signals and your dog actually obeys! Make your dog happier and more confident. Make your life easier. Ask us questions and tell us your goals related to your dog.

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